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About the Course

We are not an Ulpan. This is a special method to learn how to speak Hebrew fluently and with confidence.
The special method of Hebrew in the Spotlight was designed to improve speaking in the Hebrew language.


This course teaches participants how to speak Hebrew practically and fluently, through fun experiential learning using theater.

It's all about authentic Hebrew, how to speak like Israelis, learning about the culture as well as the language, slang, creating an emotional connection to the language and words, and removing any barriers.

During the course we will use tools from the world of theater that will release any fears of speaking and allow for more fluent speech, drastically improving participants’ abilities to speak and understand Hebrew.


Participants can gain the confidence to speak freely without hesitation and learn about acting and theater along the way.

Course Structure

So what's going to happen in the theater group?
1. The course is 5 months long – We meet once every week. 
 (We also have from time to time shorter courses of 10 sessions)

2. There will be personal meetings on Zoom to work on specific things each student needs.

3. As bonus material, there will be digital content to use and practice at home in your free time.

4. We will use acting techniques, monologues, dialogs (using text as well), improvisation, and more to really improve our Hebrew and gain confidence  to speak fluently and freely. 

What is the level required?
Prospective participants should be after Ulpan Aleph or after living in Israel for a while.
There is a mix of levels in the class that works wonderfully - just like in conversations in real life.

A trial lesson is available in order to ensure that your Hebrew level is suitable for the course. 

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